Community Pool

Komoverse allocates 50% out of the entire $KOMO token total supply for the community pool. This allocation serves several purposes:

Airdrop for OG & Whitelist

Komoverse will distribute a portion of the tokens from the community pool to early adopters and participants who are part of the project's initial launch or have been whitelisted. The airdrop rewards incentivizes these individuals for their early and loyal support.

Burn Pool

A portion of the tokens in the community pool will be allocated to a burn pool. The purpose of this pool is to permanently remove tokens from circulation, reducing the total supply. Token burning can create scarcity, potentially leading to increased value for existing token holders.

Komoverse Lucky Drop

Komoverse intends to conduct lottery-style events using tokens from the community pool. These lucky drops provide participants with the opportunity to win tokens or other rewards through a random selection process. It adds an element of excitement and engagement for the community.

Dividends & Staking

The community pool will also be used for generating dividends and staking rewards. Token holders who participate in staking or lock their tokens for a specific period will earn additional tokens or other rewards from the pool. This incentivizes long-term holding and provides benefits to loyal community members.

These initiatives aim to engage and reward the community, create value for token holders, and drive the project's growth and success.

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