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Armor is a statistic that reduces incoming physical damage. All heroes have the armor stat. Heroes have base armor that, by default, increases through growth by level. Armor can be gained by level growth, hero abilities, and items.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed is a measure of how fast a hero is able to attack. The attack speed of a hero is set by their base attack time and their increased attack speed. Attack speed can be increased by using abilities, passives, auras, items, and agility. Heroes that depends on attack speed is Archer and DPS, where they rely massively on basic attack.

AoE or "Area of Effect"

Refers to attacks or abilities that affect a certain area. This contrasts with abilities that only hit one target, like a rifle. In Komo Chess, you'll see a circle or a similar indication of where the ability is currently in effect.

Crit or "Critical Hit"

A critical hit, also called a critical success, critical win or simply a crit, is an especially successful action that has an enhanced effect, usually as a result of an unlikely and positive dice roll (or equivalent in other forms of random resolution). The term critical hit is the most common, but generally only refers to cases when the attempted action is an attack, in which case the enhanced effect is usually to deal extra damage (but could also result in a condition being applied).

Critical Miss

Critical Miss shares the same concept with critical hit, but on the opposite side. This happens when a hero with abilities, spells, items, or synergies has their own enhanced effect that force the hero to miss landing damage.

DPS or "Damage Per Second"

Is a measurement of how much damage a particular weapon or attack inflicts. "DPS" can also refer to a class of characters that is primarily meant to deal damage, as opposed to other classes like tank or healer. In Komo Chess, DPS heroes will stay behind—ideally protected by tanks or healers—to stay alive and land great damage.

HP or "Hit Points"

HP is the total amount of hits it would take to defeat a player or a hero in a round. In Komo Chess, the health (hit points) are represented by a green bar. When HP drops to zero, the hero will automaticaly leave the battle and unable to have any effect on the game.


Immobilize is a form of Crowd Control, often viewed as the extreme variant of the Slow effect. The general concept is to completely stop the target, forcing them to remain in one place and unable to move. But unlike Stun and Freeze, it does not affect the target's ability to attack. Most of the time, Immobilize is used either by ranged attackers to prevent the enemy from coming into close combat, or by melee attackers to prevent the enemy from escaping.


Immune is an event where a hero is invulnerable by any incoming spells / attacks. This comes from their own skills and abilities, which prevents the hero to be targeted by other heroes.

Magic Resistance

Is a statistic that reduces incoming magic damage. All heroes have a base magic resistance that increases through growth by leveling and usage of items.


Mana is an attribute assigned to heroes that indicate their power to use special magical abilities or "spells". Mana is usually measured in the Mana points bar below HP (Hit Point). Different abilities will use up different amounts of Mana. When the Mana of a hero reaches zero, the hero will not be able to use special abilities until some of their Mana is recovered.

Mana Rubies

Komo Chess has its own term for players gold, it is called Mana Rubies. Mana Rubies will have a significant impact on the game as a key determinant of players economy and hero price. Each Hero possesses a certain number of Mana Rubies, a minimum of one and a maximum of five. Mana Rubies represent a hero's particular tier. The higher the tier: the higher the power level, the less frequent the heroes are to appear, and the more specialized they are in their roles.

Physical Resistance

Is a statistic that reduces incoming physical damage. All heroes have a base physical resistance stat that increases through growth by leveling and usage of items.


Silence refers to a temporary disablement of heroes. When a hero casts silence, a certain amount of area and heroes will be affected and unable to cast spell or skills. This will not prevent heroes from attacking, only limiting their skills and spells for a certain duration.


Stun refers to a temporary loss of control, or the temporary disablement of a hero. Many moves across many Komo Chess heroes (such as Bumi's "Nature's Grasp" or Echo's "Ground Shaker") will ‘stun’ to prevent the opponent from moving, attacking, or using any spell techniques. There is a vast variety of stun moves that have different levels of impact, each vary on their duration and animation.


Synergy is activated when you put the same race or class on the chess board together. These synergies have different effects depending on your heroes and class. There is a minimum amount of heroes in the same class to activate extra benefit from synergies. Synergies will significantly define a player's strategy in how to start and finish a game depending on their hero team.

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