Daily XP

In Komo Chess, daily experience points (XP) are earned by playing matches and completing certain objectives within the game. XP is used to increase a player's level, which unlocks various rewards and benefits.

Players can earn daily XP by simply playing matches and winning them. Additionally, there are often daily quests or challenges that offer bonus XP for completing specific tasks, such as winning matches with certain types of heroes or using specific items. As a player's level increases, they will unlock various rewards and benefits. For example, they may gain access to more powerful heroes and items, or they may be able to participate in more advanced game modes.

Daily XP is an important aspect of Komo Chess as it encourages players to keep playing and provides a sense of progression and achievement as they level up and unlock new rewards. The unified daily XP of all games will be evaluated on a factored basis, pegged to the Komo Chess XP System -> rewarded daily based on a complex and tested algorithm.

Last but not least, daily XP is used to calculate player earning rewards on a percentile basis and rewards will be given to the gamers on a daily basis using this XP system. Daily XP will reset to 0 every T+24 hours and cannot be on a negative (-) scale.

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