Understanding the Game Interface

When you first start the game, you will be presented with the game interface. Here are the key components of the interface:

  • The chessboard: The main area on the middle of the screen where the heroes will be placed.

  • The shop: The area on the bottom right side of the screen where you can purchase heroes with mana rubies. Shown at the green flag area of the above picture.

  • The player's health: Located at the right side of the screen (yellow hexagon area on the picture). Your health points will decrease when you lose a battle. The default value of a player's health is 100 HP. Find out how player's health works here.

  • The player's level: Located at the bottom left side of the screen. You can upgrade your level using mana rubies.

  • The player's mana rubies: Located at the top left of the screen. You use mana rubies to purchase heroes, re-roll the shop, and level up.

  • Current round information: Top left of the screen.

  • Synergies Tab: Located below the round, heroes and mana rubies interface. Can be seen within the purple rectangle area at the "In Game Interface Guidelines" Picture. To toggle the synergies tab (Hide/Show) you can click the knight symbol below the round interface. Hover (PC) or tap (mobile) to see the synergies benefits.

  • Damage Tab: Located below the synergies tab. Red bar means physical damage the hero has dealt and blue bar means magical damage the hero has dealt.

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