Combat Overview

Combat Overview to familiarize the concept of Komo Chess

In Overview 1, player A strategizes 3 tanks in front to defend incoming attacks and 5 archers behind to have aerial damage (long-range) against player. A good strategy is to place heavy tanks in front of the lineup and strong aerial threats behind the line.

In Overview 2, player A strategizes an Assassin lineup against a Mage lineup in which Assassins can quickly jump behind enemy lines and attack in with stealth. Without strong tankers in player B’s lineup to protect against these stealthy attacks, Mages are prone to massive damage

In Overview 3, player B strategizes a strong AOE (Area of Effect) Mage lineup, player A counters by placing its heroes in parallel vertical lines to avoid the AOE damage from the Mage lineup Player B utilizes which tends to do damage using straight burst magic.

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