The armored synthetic bodies that Cyborgs have bestows upon them immense superhuman power, elevating them to the strongest member of the syndicate. Cyborg's synthetic body is capable of withstanding enormous blunt force damage, as well as flying at very high altitudes. This gives Cyborg a superhuman capacity to survive. However, beings that are significantly stronger than him are still able to inflict damage on Cyborg. Their ultra-fast speed allows them to appear and vanish in the blink of an eye. They are far quicker than humans, and never get tired or need to sleep. Indeed, Cyborg does not need to take in any nourishment and does not even need oxygen if he so chooses.


Shield Enhancement

When you deploy different cyborgs:

  • 2 Cyborgs: All allies receive +800 shield.

  • 4 Cyborgs: All allies receive +1600 shield.

  • 6 Cyborgs: All allies receive +3200 shield.

List of Cyborg Heroes

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