Getting Started

Battle by placing heroes on the chessboard, characters will then simulate combat automatically on a 3D battlefield environment.
Player engagement will revolve around the following:
Deciding which heroes will join the battlefield, incorporating the best synergies from the available resources that they have at their disposal.
Placing Heroes on the battlefield; your Hero's roles, affinity, strength, weaknesses, and a dash of RNG will significantly decide turn of the battle.
Activating and increasing Hero Power by upgrading the star level of Heroes; 3-card upgrades to Level 2 Heroes and 9-card upgrades to its strongest form of Level 3 Heroes.

Komo Chess - Summary

  • Our in house Play & Earn Game
  • Casual/Ranked Gameplay
  • 8 Players Battle (Round Robin)
  • Autobattle after setup (Find strongest synergies)
  • Challenge players ability to strategize with randomly drawn cards
  • Available in PC and Mobile
Latest Game Development Update: https://youtu.be/FnJh61o6Qpo