Compendium XP

Compendium or Battle Pass experience points (XP) are earned by players in popular online games such as Dota 2 and Fortnite when they purchase the Battle Pass or Compendium, respectively. These items are virtual books that contain various challenges and objectives for players to complete, along with rewards for doing so.

Komoverse Ecosystem Players can earn Battle Pass or Compendium XP by completing different challenges and objectives, which can range from winning matches with specific heroes to dealing a certain amount of damage to opponents. As players earn XP, they can unlock rewards such as new hero skins, in-game currency, and other exclusive items. In addition to providing rewards for players, Battle Pass and Compendium XP also contribute to a larger community goal. The more XP that is earned collectively by all players, the more rewards that are unlocked for everyone who has purchased the Battle Pass or Compendium. Examples of rewards include earning USDT, a bicycle, a motorcycle or even a car after thorough KYC/AML evaluation on the individual winner if they want to claim their rewards respectively.

The unified compendium XP of all games will be evaluated on a factored basis, pegged to the Komo Chess XP System to create a fair XP point system in different types of games. For example, player A plays Komo Chess and earns 100 XP per day, this particular game will have a factor of 1.0 due to its difficulty level. If Player A plays other games in the Komo Hub and earns 400 XP per day, the adjusted factor of other games in the Hub will have a factor of 0.25. This system aids us in our efforts to avoid the abuse compendium XP from different games in the game hub and create a cohesive and fair environment for everyone in the same Compendium Battle Pass system.

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